Hello, My name is Darren and I am 17. I live in Royston, Hertfordshire..

I play Guitar, I play a Squire Strat at the moment because my Epiphone SG is broken. Although I have my RP150 pedal which gives me some pretty diverse tones..

My main influnces are stuff Like Alice Cooper, Beatles, rolling stones, dio, metallica, gary moore, tenacious d, darkness, guns n roses, linkin park and that sort of stuff.

I play and listen to most stuff (trivium, slipknot to Kesha and bruno mars) although if you just let me know what kind of stuff you/your band play, then ill see what i think of it...

Id rather not travel although I am willing to travel on trains and stuff if needed..

If you want to jam im more than happy to online if youre interested : )

Charvel So-Cal Style 1 HH
Jackson Pro Series RR24M
Dean Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT

JCM 2000 TSL 100