So about 6 months ago I decided to buy myself an acoustic and go down that path, open a few more doors with my guitar playing and what not.

I have taken a keen interest to Andy McKee's work, also learning Ebon Coast which is proving to be fairly difficult for me but I will post a video of that once I have learnt it. Also, you guys should check out http://www.mattsguitarlessons.co.uk - Good, detailed tutorials of many songs. Great Stuff.

Anyway here is the link to my cover of Drifting

Not bad, could do with the low D being more in-tune with the rest of the guitar (or fretting the backing properly, as that's possibly more of the problem) but other than that you're getting there definitely. Just need to work on finger strength I think, so you can get a better balance of dynamics and keep the melody standing out. Good effort though mate

Edit: Checked out the link too - nice idea (though nothing original) but I couldn't help but feel the guy playing in the lesson I watched (Drifting, free lesson) could do with learning the song better himself before 'instructing' others on how to do it - I mean, when I still played my acoustic much a year or so ago, I could play the song clearer (though it helps when you don't wash your sound with a slapback reverb!) and I'm not much of an acoustic player... I don't think there was much difference between your cover and his, especially as yours was done outside, so well done for getting up to that standard from that lesson

Double-Edit: In fact, after checking out a couple of his other free lessons, I wouldn't pay for the lessons on that site if I'm honest - he's a good player, but not nearly clean enough or accurate enough to qualify for paid lessons given the amount of quality material available online for free. Sweet Child O' Mine lesson claims to be the only accurate one on the net... yet I spotted several mistakes in his version Anyway, to stop derailing this to discuss his site, your version of Drifting was definitely better than 75+% of the others on YouTube, and I know it's not an easy song so well done
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Where did all the video go???... Nice job dude... Its a tough song to learn and it seems like your getting the hang of it!! Defo tune the guitar proper next time though... Andy McKee is a genius at the guitar.. I've learnt a couple of songs by him and at the moment i'm learning "Joyland" one of my favourite songs by him!

Keep it up.

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