I have to pick two songs, one for a solo piece, one for a group (this will be my band)
it has to be relativley difficult but not so difficult that a mess it up and ideas ? r

For my GCSE exam i played Sweet Child O' Mine with a band and About to Crash (Reprise) by Dream Theater as a solo and got full marks .

If you can play those well you should have no problem passing!
I did parisien walkways and got an A but music gcse is a load of shit they change there minds about everything and it's so classically biased :/
For mine I did a Manic Street Preachers medley as a solo on guitar, and Californication by RHCP on bass as part of a group. Got a straight A.
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For mine I did a grade 7 piece as my solo (wanted to do grade 5 but forgot how to play it). Look on youtube at the grade 5 pieces, theyre all pretty easy. A friend of mine did little wing instrumentally, another did a mumford and sons cover acoustic guitar and vocals.

For the group performance, we did a funeral for a friend song.

My teachers had no idea what a guitar was, we all got As. ha
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Grade 5 is around GCSE standard. I'd buy the Rockschool grade 5 or 6 book and get at least one of the tracks from there.

I did Scott Matthews's Dream Song for my solo performance in April: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ooGtSERcdM. You need to choose something with a reasonable amount of variation in dynamics.

I did the multi-tracking option on Edexcel rather than the ensemble performance. It was a lot of fun and I got near-full marks for it.
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I played Leper Messiah and Dying in Your Arms for mine.

Maybe play some thing you already know well.

That must've been fun.