I have a ibanez s470 guitar with a ZR trem. I love the ball bearing trem but it has been plagued from day one with a wobbly trem arm which eventually broke. I shopped around on ebay for a floyd rose arm and collet to retro fit it with. The collet screwed in fine to the ZR Trem and is a solid retro fit, but the floyd arm is wobbly in the collet. This is the floyd arm with the tiny metal peg in the arm with the threaded cap over it to adjust the arm tension. Isn't there a floyd arm with some kind of bushing that has a much more solid arm/collet interface with no wobble? I am the kind of player who likes a solid trem arm right by my picking hand with no flopping around. Any insight into these floyd arms?
If it is the type with the collet, then there should be a small 'split ring design' plastic bushing that goes under the collet. That keeps it in there tight. If the plastic piece is missing, it will never fit quite right. Get that piece and all will be fine.
yeah its the type with the collet and the floyd arm with the threaded sleeve. The wobbly bar that i currently have is the bar with the little metal pin through the bar with the washer on top of it all under the threaded sleeve. All the arms I look to buy on line rarely show what is under that sleeve. Is there a specific type or keyword I need to search for in order to get this bar? Also, will the bar with the split plastic bushing work with the the existing collet I have. I keep seeing bars that are described as "the new style with a 6mm threaded collar" is that the type?
Ibey trems are not true FR's, so I wouldn't count on any type of a retro-fit working necessarily. If it was me, I'd just go to Guitar Center and order the arm and bushing. It's a $20.00 part at GC. As for ordering online, I dunno, I'd do it in person to be sure myself. I bought my RG5 at GC and they had lost the arm, so they ordered it for me, took like 2-3 weeks.