Hey, both my cases for my edwards alexi and my ibanez prestige seem to press down quite a bit on the trem bars when fully shut, is this safe for the trem bars or will i damage my guitars if i continue to do this. Btw both of the cases are the official cases for the respective guitars. Thanks
Quote by Mr Winters
Take the trem bars out when putting the guitar in the case.

that's exactly what i was going to say
Thats fine on the ibanez but on my alexi the neck then seems to be pushed down because of the padding in the case that raises it up :/
I don't think I've ever closed a case with the trem bar attached.
I saw a guy bring his LTD KH-202 to the shop to fix the trem after his g/f thought she was being helpful by putting the guitar in its case, without removing the bar.

So yeah, it'll screw up a trem. And I don't think it would have made a difference if it were an OFR.
I can't speak for the Edwards, but the Prestige case is made to have the arm off when the case is closed. I have two, and I cannot imagine even trying to close the case with the arm attached.