Not really sure what the title should have been but heres my problem... I had a stick of deoderant on the front seat of my car and one of the hot days awhile back in melted and re-solidified on my leather seat. So I came to UG and its infinite source of personal knowledge for some tips on how I can get it out. Any suggestion appreciated.
Well, if heat was what melted it into a physical form that could bond with your leather seat, wouldn't you say that, logically, you could use heat to make it less solid and wipe it off/clean it while it's in that state?

Personally, I think the solution is don't take shit care of your leather upholstery, but that's just me.
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Cut it out and duct tape over it. There! No more stain. you should be paying me for these handy tips.

OT: Have you tried warming it up again the scaping it off?
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
General consensus is reheat the deodorant. General consensus is correct.

You could also try heating up a tool of some sort to scrape it off without having to heat up everything else. That will keep most of the deodorant solid, making it much easier for you.
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have you tried sneaking up behind it and yelling BOO! really loud behind it so it gets scared and runs off?
Sounds like a plan. And im not keeping shit care of it was just a quick lapse of memory thats all.
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She has no clue. Already tried that route.

Dude you're ****ed then. If a mother doesn't know how to get it out, nobody will.
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Dude you're ****ed then. If a mother doesn't know how to get it out, nobody will.

He could appeal to the voodoo sorcery of the grandmother.
I think heating it up with a hairdryer then scraping it off with a chisel

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