Hello fellow UGers.

I want some new pickups for my strat. I play all kind of music(AC/DC, Brad Paisley, John Mayer, Hendrix, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Megadeth, Metallica, COB and the list goes on and on!)

The pickups that is in my strat at the moment is Dimarzio Dual Sound(?) bridge and a Texas Special Singel coil Neck.

And its nothing wrong with the pickups those are very good, but i want something new.

So pay attention here comes a lot of wierd teories.

I really like the EVH sound and my local dealer has the pickup in stock. And i read on the Dimarzio site that you can use the Dual Sound humbucker in every posison.

So what i want to do is. Put the EVH pickup in the Bridge and the Dual Sound in the neck.

But what do i do with the Texas Special? Can i put it in the middel and it will be HSH set up?

Help me fellow UGers!
Iunno about the Dual Sound in the neck, the Dual Sound's just a Super Distortion(the Super Disto never used to be coiltappable, and that WAS the difference, but now the SD has 4-conductor wiring too) and generally they're not known to be very good neck pickups. You can most certainly do it, but if I were you I'd just swap the bridge pickup out and keep the Texas Special. It can't hurt if you wanna swap the Dual Sound to the neck position though, always reversible.
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