I've been wondering if that Randall V2XM is somewhat good/decent amp for the price. Youtube search showed me some samples, but they aren't satysfying. Would it be a good duet with a guitar loaded with SD Invader? If it's another overpriced MG, which amp would be a better bet? I play mostly metal, my budget would be like 230$, I live in Europe (Poland). Unfortunately, I don't have a chance to try things out. If it helps, right now I am using a POD, but the sound it gives is just "flat" (if you ever played through one, you know what i mean) and leads are mediocre. ;/
If you want to play metal with a small budget I suggest either a Roland Cube or a Peavey Bandit. The Cube is more versatile and has built-in effects, the Peavey sounds more natural. Your choice.

I owned both and they were amazing.
most of randalls stuff is pretty good. if i remember correctly, it was the v2 i tried, and it sounded pretty good for brootz metal, not much else though
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