Ehh, don't know what to say about this one... its weird, I guess. C4C of course.

Spacetop Junkie

Hold me up, against saturn
Let it run rings around the sun
Colours flickering like a rainbow
In my head it's all happening

The course sandpaper runs on my veins
But in the end I'll be okay
When pain goes away, there's the shine
Leftovers from the cloud of yesterday

Point me in the right direction
One that leads to Earth
I can't see it from here
Never mind my family
Leave me and I'll crumble

The course sandpaper
My viens, popped inner tubes
From a brocken bicycle
Shed what's beneath the lining

Yesterday, cloud nine was so close
Now it's within reach
But ice rings hold my soul
In an armlock I can't let go of