in a nutshell i want the pros and the cons if anyone knows
possibly relevant info bellow
where bedroom sized room aprox 8 by 10
years exp roughly 2
genre i play metal/rock/blues
guitars i have jackson,dean,esp,westone,ibanez
currant amp marshall mg30dfx-in witch im not satisfyed
also i got a zoom fx pedal to compensate for s****y amp
It'll be an upgrade from the MG for sure, but I know they are not the greatest amps for the money. You have to spend the big bucks to get a decent hybrid amp, or look for the old 90's amps to get decent blend between tube and SS technology.

Prolly wont do metal, but rock and blues shouldn't be a problem for it.
ya i know what you mean but i lack the room for most stuff any suggestion for a smaller amp that will suit me
I have the Bandit 112, which is basically an upgraded and better Studio 122. It's an amazing amp for the price, extremely good distorted sound. Get the Bandit, or a Roland Cube.
Decent amp. I had a Transtube special 212 for a while, it's basicly the same amp but more wattage. It has a very bright, crisp clean channel, and the dirty side went from roots rocky type gain to screaming metal. Mine was BRUTALLY loud, that's why I got rid of it, too much amp for what I was using it for.
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