What's the difference between solid body & hollow/semi-hollow body guitars? (Aside from the obvious...)

Are they for different style of music genre you play?
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Generally semi-hollow guitars are suited for more vintage stuffs. I have seen metal guitarists using them though, and they sounded great.
semi-hollows don't handle gain as well as solid bodies, they feedback quicker also.
semi hollows are quite versatile. I have an epiphone dot and it can handle high gain stuff, it feed backs quicker, but i kind of like that.
it's just a different sound.

the thing about semi-hollows not handling gain very well is pure nonsense. semi-hollows really don't handle gain any differently to how solidbodies do. full hollowbodies are a different matter entirely, i can't think how to describe the sound but it's a very cool sound - full hollowbodies are more likely to have feedback problems but these problems are a bit exaggerated on the internet.
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I've been told that hollowbodies have less sutain, because there is less wood, but they have a smoother sound. they are usually quieter.
A semi-hollow body produces low/bass overtones that don't/can't exist on a solid body electric. Typically, these are used for jazz and blues. I have a 2000 Yamaha AEX 502 with the f-holes and a thick solid piece running through the middle. I can crank up the volume and not worry about feedback because it isn't as thick as many other models (not as many overtones to feedback). I dig the lead pickup with the dirty channel, and if the neck pickup is a bit too bassy, I'll use an effects preset to brighten it up. I may even drop a couple of Gibson P-90's in it someday because i like the feel.

Its crap (not to insult anyone) to think 'this' is good for 'this' because some famous jackwad is seen with it and vice-versa. Life is too short to follow! You have to take it my the machine heads and roll. Close your eyes and dig the tone and forget about what it looks like.


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forget about what it looks like.

Some people actually care about what their guitar looks like.
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Some people actually care about what their guitar looks like.

True - guitars, beauty, fashion, minimalist vs. flamboyant beyond pimped out etc., are all important. What I mean is that when the tone seriously compromises traditional ways of doing things, ie.: if a distorted clarinet with a slow tap delay does the trick, its always worth it. Image sucks. Its allllll about sound.


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