I'm planning on picking up a new Acoustic-Electric Guitar and ever since I tried a Breedlove guitar, I fell in love with them.

I'm no professional, but rather a moderate-beginner just barely getting in on the action. I want to invest a bit of money on my first Acoustic-Electric guitar so that I wouldn't have to pick up a new guitar too soon.

The guitar I'm looking to get is Breedlove Passport Plus C250. Guitarcenter near me doesn't have them instore so I will have to order them online.. Which means I won't get to try them before I purchase.

Therefore, I'm a little skeptical about a few things and would love for you guys to shine some insight on those parts:

        Much THANNKS to everyone who contributes and assists in my decision making!!
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        i'd consider it medium sized, many would consider it small. btw, i'm 5' 3", and until i hurt my shoulder, i played dreads with no problem. no one ever said "hey, you look funny", and no one has ever told my 6' 7" husband that he looks funny playing a parlor. you might be over thinking the size thing as far as visuals - famous women and smaller men have played dreads professionally, and i've never read a negative comment about that.

        i wasn't thrilled with the tone of this guitar, but you may feel completely differently. i also wasn't thrilled with the stiff sound of the atlas series - to me, breedlove really shines with their more expensive guitars.

        don't like the burst with the shape of the guitar on the sf, but that's just personal taste. btw, i don't see the magic word "solid" in front of the sitka spruce top at mf, gc or at the breedlove website. i checked an atlas and it DOES say solid top, so i'm wondering if these are laminate tops, although that seems unlikely for the price...
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