I've been trying to figure out the chords to this song, and I think I have the chorus down
F#m, D, E, F#m with some other chords used as fills. However, I can't figure out the chorus. The guitar gets a little buried in the mix and there's backup vocals that do a different melody that throws me off. If someone could take a crack at it I'd really appreciate it. Also if I could get a tab of the solo that would be awesome, but just the chords will be alright.

I also highly recommend you check out this band. They rock.

It's song 12 on that list.

American Circus
Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
Verse looks good. Try C# leading into the chorus, then:
D, E, F#m, D, A, E, F#m, D, E, A, F#m, D, E, F#m
I agree with you that One Eskimo really rocks. I too would love to have the tabs for this song - Simple Day. I want to pick the song and not strum it so I would love to have the tablature for the song if anyone actually has that or has seen it in the past. There are so little notes references on the web for this piece. Thanks for any help on this.