Hey there everyone! How's it goin'?

So I've had this acoustic for a while, but haven't gotten past strumming around on a lazy day. With the build up to Rocksmith, I've been playing a bit more, but still don't really know how. I have a freind teaching me some before Rocksmith launches in October. The acoustic I'm on is a Harmony Stella that my dad has had since he was like 12.
Welcome!!! That should be fun Sounds like the game will help you take it to the next level I like those old Stellas. How are you going to plug the acoustic into Rocksmith?
I was looking to get a pickup, but I read that it may not give the proper results as a full on electric so I'll buy the bundle. An Epi LP Jr will look good on the wall with my Stella and give me a smaller body to work with.
That is a great idea and an awesome choice for your first electric guitar. I would, however, spend the money right away to have it set-up by someone at a guitar shop. They do not come properly set most of the time. Have him check: action, intonation, truss rod, fret dress...... those guitars can play really nice given the proper set-up...... even pro-like. Enjoy!!!!!