I'll get straight to the point. I haven't done any maintenance on my guitar for over 4 years and I feel bad so I wanted to go about doing a all around maintenance and a working a new setup for it so it will play and look better.

I have a rosewood fretboard that needs a shitton of cleaning and i was wondering what I would need to use to get it as clean as possible without any damage. I have polished frets before so I need no help with that, but I need some help with cleaning my floyd rose. It looks like a bee nest because it's so damn dirty. There's more gunk and dust on the tremolo than the trem itsself.

What do I need to do in order to give my guitar an all around maintenance?
Rosewood fretboard
Floyd Rose Tremolo

+What else could I do other than polish frets, clean fretboard and clean tremolo that I could do in order to make this thing "better"?
get o cleaning/care kit, dunlop makes one. I use a tooth brush to clean my sadles, if your going to desconstruct it you can use Q-tips to clen hard to get places.
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