so basically when i use my jsx on any of the channels, clean, crunch, ultra, if i set the volume loud (like 2 on the master and 5-6 on any channel) and play with any of my guitars, i get a loud crackling sound that cuts out my sound when i play rhcp esque chords with a really strong attack and pauses inbetween the notes. is this a tube issue? speaker issue? pot issue? i don't think its the cable, because it's been good for the past while and both my js100 and MIM strat don't usually have those issues.
any diagnosis? bad speaker? output valves?
It sounds like something is wrong with your pickups, maybe a wiring issue? I had a similar problem, although it was the opposite; I had to hit the strings hard for the pickup to kick in. I still need to get it fixed for that matter.

It could be the amp, but I am just sharing my experience.
i'd start with the preamp tubes and hope it is not an output transformer issue. I've heard of similar issues with other JSX's.

get a spare 12AX7. it will really help in times like this.

otherwise, start swapping your preamp tubes around and notate any differences.

get some contact cleaner too to clean the tube sockets by spraying the cleaner on the tube pins (deoxit)
i was getting poping and crackeling from egnater i had and after switching guitar, eliminating effects.checking tubes to no avail, i pull out the speaker cable and looked at it and it seemed intact except the curve at the top of jack was bent due to the weight of the over hang of the cable, and it had worn out.

so i would look at that.

most likely however its a tube.
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You can tap on your power tubes with the amp on to see if there is a contact issue.