Recently I bought a Squier Standard Tele from someone on Craigslist. I only paid a hundred bucks for it, and I am decently impressed by the sound of the guitar. But I was thinking, would it be a good investment to change from the stock pickups?
thats a trivial question. if you like the sound, no. if you hate the sound, yes. if you are wanting a different sound, yes. we cant tell you what to do

i love the sound from my stock squier and get complimented on it frequently, so i kept mine stock. that being said, mine's a HSS strat from '89
Good advice I read that someone replaced the stock pickups with some Noiseless Dimarzio pickups and it was a great decision, so I just figured I'd ask
I've had a black Affinity Strat for awhile now collecting dust, on a whim I bought a used set of American Standard pickups for $70 shipped. Now it's one of my staple guitars, especially for the pieces where that Strat jangle makes all the difference.

In other words, with a pickup swap the Squiers are great instruments. Even the lowly Affinities haha
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As has been stated.... If you like how it sounds, don't change it... I've only had one guitar that I didn't like the stock pickups, and I didn't play it before I bought it... (How the guitar sounds usually is a selling point for me)
If you as said like how it sounds, then upgrade other things like tuners, saddles, nut and sOmething else but you sad the sound is ok already s dOn't worry.
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