I bought a Squier Standard Tele recently, and I wanted to give it a high gloss finish. I put on about 6 coats throughout the week but I'm not really pleased with how the finish came out. The gloss came out decent, but not really smooth on the fret board or as shiny as it would straight from the shop. Would it even be plausible to try it again? If so, what would anyone recommend?

1. I sanded down the neck and fretboard with a fine steel wool.
2. I cleaned it off with naptha
3. Used a couple cotton balls wrapped in toilet paper to apply a thin coat of polyurethane wood gloss.
4. Let it dry for a day
5. Repeated this process about a week
6. After the last coat dried I applied a wood wax

Not thrilled with how it came out. I am dying to get a really thick smooth gloss finish
tape off the frets. put tape over them, then slice the tape with a sharp knife where the frets meet the fretboard. so the fretboard is fully expose, only the frets are covered so it doesnt get any gloss.

get a few cans of nitro or poly lacquer. spray in a continuous motion without stopping anywhere over the neck (avoid build ups). a thin coat at a time. with poly, it'll probably build up faster, you might be able to go with just one can. nitro takes a bit more.

when u got a decent thickness, let it sit for a while. nitro, 14 days. poly, maybe a week. then time for wet-sanding.

prepare wet-sanding paper, in a little bucket/bowl of water, let it sit in the water over night. next morning, start sanding the neck with the fine grit wet-sanding paper. make sure the surface is wet. be careful not to peel off the masking tape on the frets.

dry the neck for a few hours, then give it a buff. get buffing compounds, put some on a cotton cloth (old underwear or whatever) and rub it. more rub means more shine. good luck!
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So what should I do about this gloss finish I've already applied? Just re-sand it down?