Really enjoyed that dude. Was maybe a bit quick but if thats how you like playing it, it totally works.

Have been meaning to learn the ukulele for ages, but never got round to it. You play it well, was it difficult to learn? Maybe i should stop procrastinating and just learn, after seeing that i'd really like too.

beautifully done dude.

Well, the truth is, that the more u played on guitar, the more easy for you it will be to learn ukulele. It's much easier in general, and I really suggest you to start! I been playing guitar for 6 years and... the ukulele is, my favorite instrument.

You def should give it a try! and if you wonder which to buy, I would suggest you to go check this video I made, it might help you on deciding!


That was sweet!! I had a uke years ago but it was terrible and practically fell apart... think i'll buy myself a good one and pick it up again Anyways great cover... I checked out the Britney one too and that was even more amazing!!

Aint got nothing for you to crit but feel free to check out anything on my profile..