I'm trying to pic out some songs to do a show soon. However, I cannot sing and play at the same time! I'm doing 'Your Touch' by the Black Keys, and 'Consolers of the Lonely' by the Raconteurs because of the way they are set up. Being blues rock they are set up with a pattern of guitar riff, lyrics, guitar riff, lyrics. Therefore I can play and sing these songs.....My question is, does anybody have any recommendations on any other songs that would allow me to do this?
Practice with simpler songs, then slowly work your way into singing over different rhythms, then over simple lead lines.
I'm working on being able to play and sing at the same time, however we want to do this show really soon, so i need song suggestions! My bass player can sing and play at the same time, so there is some verstility there if wee need to switch up the singing back and forth. But I need song suggestions!
it's very easy if you can play the instrument well in the first place,just keep practicing.
I'm exactely the same, I have no coordination what so ever with singing + playing. Playing percussion guitar like (andy Mckee, newton faulkner, John butler, Trace bundy) is extremely hard for me to keep up without losing the beat or forgetting to hit. And the same with singing.

But for some reason I CAN sing and play Mr. brightside - The killers and To be with you - Mr. Big. I would expect them to be quite hard to do at the same time (especially the former) but maybe they aren't and you could try learning those first. Or maybe I'm just weird.

P.S. I'm very competent (not to sound up my self) with my guitar playing abilities so that's not a problem.. I just suck at coordination (drums etc) even piano.. ugh.
Learn to sing chord-based songs before going over to riff-based songs
obviously you guys didn't read the op. He wasn't asking for advice on how to learn how to play and sing, he wanted song suggestions where he doesn't have to do both at the same time!

OT: I can't think of any that have no overlapping vocals and guitar. Maybe get a guitarist so you can just do singing?
try some old Ramones, or any punk rock song with a simple chord structure, i normally practice on knowledge by operation ivy, seek and destroy by Metallica is surprisingly easy as well, its just the way the lyrics are lined up with the chords that makes all the difference.
First off, let me congratulate you, TS, on having outstanding taste.
I struggle a little singing while playing Your Touch as well, I find Thickfreakness much easier. Oh and Modern Times is a good one as well (sticking with Black Keys here). If you're handy with the slide, Stack Shot Billy is a good one as the vocal pattern matches the rhythm, if that makes sense.

Good luck man!
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what about a song like machinehead by bush? thats a pretty easy one that i play often.
just tap your foot...constantly....all the time...find rhythm....when your foot is keeping time...you don't have to....
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Quote by Ylasto
Learn to sing chord-based songs before going over to riff-based songs

This. This is exactly what I did, and it worked a treat.
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Learn to sing chord-based songs before going over to riff-based songs

This, took me like two weeks
Black Dog- Led Zeppelin?

not sure if its your style but it goes that way with lyrics guitar lyrics guitar
This is why I'm glad green day got me into music. Really easy to play their stuff and sing at the same time. So yeah, practice with easier songs (like punk.) I'm not sure how long you need to practice, took me about a year and a half before I moved on.
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Get a simple song like hallelujah, and start by just playing the chords in simple quarter notes while singing. Like this (caps accent when you strum).

i HEARD there WAS a SECret CHORD.

Then, just get into a slightly less simple strumming pattern, like in wonder wall. You can then move onto something slightly arpeggiatec, like good riddance (time of your life) and just keep trying to improve.

Edit: oops, skimmed over last sentence. Black dog by led zeppelin came to my mind first.
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Everyone starts with an open g chord progression, Try Wonderwall by Oasis, that way you don't even have to sing, everyone will sing along for you
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If your bassist is more comfortable with singing, just let him do it and maybe do backing vocals, plenty of bands have bassists who sing.

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