I've often considered dropping some piezo saddle loaded bridges into my guitars for some nice acoustic clean tones when I play live so I don't have to mount an acoustic on a stand, but seeing as how these Ghost/TonePro's/L.R. Baggs piezo bridges all cost like $160, and I have half a dozen stage guitars, its just simply not going to happen. But while looking at piezo pickups on eBay, I found dozens of dirt cheap wand-like piezo pickups for under the bridge acoustic guitar setups. And those are like $1 each! So I guess my question is, has anyone ever tried putting one of those in an electric guitar?

If so, where did you put it? If not, do you think it would even work? I'm not too knowledgeable of these things, but I can't see why not. I imagine I could put one underneath a strat pickguard between the bridge pickup and the bridge, and wire it into a mini switch. I'm just curious if anyone thinks that would even work?
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you konw those pick ups work not by magnets but by feeling the vibrations of the strings right? need ot put them somewhere where theyll feel the vibrations
also they have very low output so you need some sort of buffer or boost