Would buying and learning to play bass guitar help me with playing electric guitar. I was thinking of getting one because I was thinking it might help and it would keep things fresh and interesting. Would it hurt my guitar playing if I played bass with my fingers (I play guitar with a pick).

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Learning to play any other instrument will help your guitar playing in my opinion. It gives you a different perspective on music.
If you are thinking it might improve your technique, though, I have to disappoint in saying that it wont really. It's a different instrument that is played very differently.

Playing with fingers definitely wont hurt anything...it's like thinking that typing on a keyboard will be detrimental to your guitar playing.
If anything it will help with circulation and dexterity.

Anyway...get a bass, they are awesome and a lot of fun to play!
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I agree with Shor. It's not going to improve your technique becouse it's just a different instrument but it may help you musicly(if that's a word :P).
Do it. I bought a bass a couple years ago so I could make my own jam tracks, and learned a crap ton of great bass lines.

I think it helped my playing tremendously. As said earlier, the technique isn't identical to guitar, but it WILL strengthen your hands up. I actually adapted my guitar finger picking style to bass, so I use my thumb, pointer, and middle to play. Also, once you start getting into jazz/funk, you can learn some nifty tricks involving chromatic notes, octaves, etc. that you normally wouldn't see on guitar. You start noticing basslines in songs more and more, and being to hear how it all fits sonically. Plus slapping the hell out of a Primus bassline is way too fun.
No, it won't hurt at all. Play it! I started taking piano lessons and I've already learned a lot in just two lessons. A new instrument is always good (if you play it).
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I play guitar and piano. Learning other instruments keeps things fresh!!

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it can only help. it also makes it easier to play different guitars. different nut sizes. different types of strings (nylon, brass, steel)

SHIT even playing guitar hero can help with your rhythm and coordination.
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