So, i've recently purchased the Marshall Haze 40... It's my first tube amp and it works on el84 tubes... My question is : If i need to change the tubes, do i have to bias it everytime i do it? And are there any tube adaptors ( like the Sovtek 6v6 to el84 adaptor) so i can change the tubes to 6l6 or something? I love the tone im getting right now, i just wanna know my options...
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Yes you do have to rebias it each time. They have probe points so it's easy enough to check. It should explain it in the manual.
Those things have EL34 tubes, not EL84. If you want to use 6L6's you would have to change the screen resistor and rebias accordingly. Just keep using EL34's, I recommend JJ.
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ok man thanks! im a noob when it comes to tube amps, i've got a lot of catching up to do...
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