Hey everyone,

I am a complete beginner and just started taking guitar lessons.

I would also like to take advantage of the many online tutorials. I am just wondering how I should combine these 2 (real lessons + online lessons).

I see 2 options:

I was thinking of focusing on the course structure that my teacher provides and supplementing those lessons with according online material. -So I can get another perspective, additional info to what my teacher has.

The other option would be to follow my teacher's course structure AND at the same time follow a structured online course like "justinguitar.com". This would mean I would be following 2 different courses (sometimes overlapping more and sometimes less) at the same time. Don't know if that would be effective.

I tend to do option 1. But I don't have any experience. What do you think?

And what material would you suggest for a beginner? I was thinking especially of www.justinguitar.com. If I went with option 1, I would just pick those lessons from justinguitar.com, that go along with my teachers lessons.

I found another list of online material in this video:

The list:

Any advice is much appreciated!
I recommend http://www.guitarlessons365.com/

If you click on lessons, you will see he divides his lessons into difficulty level, so you know your working with in the right level.

You could also use your lessons your paying for to learn techniques, theory and becoming a better guitar player, whilst learning online tutorials to learn some stuff by bands and players that you really love. A lot of famous players have little lessons online which you could do. Some are not appropriate for beginners, but some are.

Most important, plan your time. Decide on a specific time for when you will work on stuff from your teacher, and a time for stuff online. Even write out a timetable and use a kitchen timer to keep tracking of how long you do every thing.

Finally, dont over do it. Guitar is a physical instrument and you have to allow yourself to build up the stamina to play for a long time. So don't try tackle to much to soon.
Most online material isn't "course" based - it's generally just 10 minutes on one topic. Think of it as a kind of snack for when you have a bit more time to practice and play, and your teacher's stuff as the more important.
Let me rephrase everything you said:

"How do I learn to play guitar?"

Answer is:

jamplay.com is actually pretty good. They break everything down in lesson structures based on skill level. They have written and video lessons, as well as live webcams where you can ask questions real time. It does cost some cash though.... I think $60 for 3 months but I could be wrong.
Thanks for the website, you reccomended. Looks good. - I will look at it more closely.

What you write makes sense to me. I will follow that advice. - Thanks!

I'm not really willing to pay (at least as a beginner), when there's so much free stuff available. Thanks anyway!

The great guitarists of the past probably got so good because they practiced, practiced, practiced. Probably in these times of the internet one has to be careful not to overemphasize the information gathering part. Little or medium amount of info and lots of practice will probably get you further than lots of info and not so much practice. - Just a thought
Were I you I would choose the no. 1 option. but ideally I think you should involve your guitar teacher in finding this supplementary online material.

Most important is to get your practice structured as @jkielq91 is suggesting. That's why I would not be using You Tube videos. The quality is is not always satisfying and you risk to loose focus because there's no overall plan.

I think you should seriously reconsider investing a small amount of money in your project anyway. When you are a complete beginner I would really recommend the Jamorama system. It consists primarily of two ebooks ( and some bonus material ) and you pay once and for all, contrary to Jamplay where you pay per month. I am quite updated on this subject as I've reviewed several online courses recently. I don't wanna brag, but I know what I'm talking about!

The strength of the Jamorama system is that it guides you step by step as a beginner. Maybe you can even persuade your teacher to use that system. This will help you to stay focused also when you are supplementing with some other material, I think.

Just a suggetsion. The decision is yours. Good luck.
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