so yesterday someone approached me about guitar lessons after hearing me play. He says he has an acoustic teacher but he refuses to touch electric and thats what he really wants to learn. So since he has the acoustic teacher teaching him chords, i thought it would help to start out working on proper warm ups, scales and some music theory, major and minor scales for example. Pentatonic scales, as well as basic maintenance and taking care of the instrument and since it's electric teach him how to dial in different tones for what he wants to play and how to EQsound like a plan?
If he's learning basic chords on the acoustic, I think the best thing to do would start him on some more common electric stuff, like power chords and, like you said, some basic warm up exercises and HO/PO's.
Can you remember how you first started? Then go through that with him! And ask him what he wants to learn...generally start with scale and basic chords..
If he's a novice scrap almost everything you just wrote.

Theory is boring unless you are at a level to understand it. Make sure he knows what a powerchord is and can actually play the basic techniques on electric guitar before giving him stuff that you really don't need to know about until you're at home with playing.

Introduce differences between acoustic and electric. Let him play with the guitar amp settings. Learn to play a simple song with the pentatonic scale (for example).

Then later use songs you've learned as a reference to simple scales used on guitar and slowly introduce theory.

EDIT: It dun have to be the pentatonic scale, but keep it a song that doesn't have many accidentals in it so it's easier to reference when you're explaining theory.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
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not really talking about going into really in depth about theory. Just mainly keeping with some basic scales and how it fits with a key and how it can be used. When i started off i was playing System Of A Down and Rammstein haha. I think some ACDC would be simple enough. Im just trying to get something together quick
Find out what hes into, then research that and teach him what is relevant to what he listens to.
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