I am not, under any circumstances, a drummer. I'm a singer, so I'm totally out of my element here.

My old drummer contacted me asking if I could design a logo for his kick drum head. I agreed. When he brought it over, I noticed that the head was pretty heavy. I realized that it had close to, if not, 6 layers of spray paint on the front of the head, poorly executed. It looked like raw garbage had been thrown on to the head. For me to design anything over top of this would be like using acrylic paints on top of a gravel pile. The surface is so rough and poorly sprayed that the bubbles have dried into the paint, and the stencil that was used for the logo had been messed up on the first three tries, and the fourth was where he decided to knock it off. I wanna make this look nice so I ask to you, the fine drummers of UG: How do I remove a ton of spray paint from a kick drum head WITHOUT damaging the head? I've considered acetone, paint thinner, boiling the head, steel wool...I don't wanna ruin it. It's a 22" head, it's the shiny, smooth, synthetic, plastic-y looking surface. I hope my adjectives are sufficient.


How do I remove a ton of spray paint from a kick drum head? Tips, tricks, suggestions are appreciated.
Paint thinner would be my guess. Or maybe just tell him he needs to get a new drum head.
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