I'm looking at getting a new guitar and have found a reasonably priced Gibson USA Flying V, the only query i have, as someone who has never even picked up a Flying V of any brand is, Is it any different to play from a guitar with a more conventional shape?
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Nope its a nice guitar to play, my buddy owns the Gibson worn cherry V and I always enjoy jamming on it, and I am an explorer owner myself so pretty varied shapes. Sitting down it can take a little bit to get used to it, but its the same with my explorer, the one thing I really like with the V for added stage effect you can place the V part on your knee getting the neck straight up and down for that extra rock feel. If its in the budget and you like it I would definitely say purchase it, lots of people knock Gibson for there price but they are certainly worth it.
I love them. They are nice to play if you don't mind holding it between your legs. I screwed up, I could have got one from a local pawn shop mint for $600 or less and I didn't do it
Yeah sweet cheers man. its around £350 so i thought that it was a deal i couldnt really turn down until i considered the shape of it ahah
Remember a well used guitar even though it may be beaten up always tells a better story by looking at it then a new guitar. I wish I could have gotten a used Explorer with some wear to it but I couldn't be bothered to search around!
Get it, it's a guitar that will only get better if you keep it right. I have a Gibson myself, Gibson LP studio and I would say that I would have gone for a Flying V if I hadn't liked the LP shape and tone more.
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one of the most underrated and underplayed gibsons of all time.

a lot of people are put off by the shape.

i find that they are quite comfortable to play sitting down, in more of a classical guitar position.

for the money they go for used, they are a great value imo.

good luck.
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I think they are ugly, but they are amazingly comfortable to play standing up. They sound great also. If you like the shape I say go for it they are really nice.
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I think they are ugly, but they are amazingly comfortable to play standing up. They sound great also. If you like the shape I say go for it they are really nice.
Pretty much this.
it'd be worth checking one out first to make sure you get on with it- they do feel slightly different (especially sitting down, but strapped on as well).

I'm not saying this to put you off- plenty of people love them, and you might too. Just it'd be worth making sure you're one of them.
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