So I've recently run into about 1000 dollars. I have access to a fender deville 212 and can get it for about 450. I have very strongly considered purchasing it and starting on a pedalboard, however, I would rather get a really nice amp instead.

I was also looking at the Vox ac30c2 but did some research on them and most people say the speakers in them don't do it justice, and they are not made out of birch-plywood which makes me wary.

I am also considering trying to get a used Fender twin reverb for about 1000.

Does the deville stand up to either of these amps tone wise?

I play everything from country, to post-rock, to blues.

What amp should I buy/look into?
I'm not really your guy to answer this but I'll give you a bump.

Of the three you mentioned I prefer the Twin.

Not familiar with the build 'issues' you mention on the Vox but it has its own unique tone as you know.

I would also look at an Egnater Renegade or Rebel 30/Tweaker 40.

Can I assume you troll your craigslist? If not, and you are in the States, what is your closest major city? Also, do you gig?

PS: when I first scanned your thread I thought it said you 'run into $100' and I lost interest
From experience, the DeVille would be the laughing stock of those 3 amps. They're not horrible amps, or even bad amps at that. They're really pretty good, but a Twin or AC30 will blow it out of the water.

I think the speaker issues you're referring to are the AC30cc2, not the AC30c2. The CC2 came stock with "Wharfdale" speakers, which sound just about as good as the 8" speaker in my Fender Frontman (Ok, that's a bit extreme, but you get the point). The C2 comes stock with Celestion Greenbacks, which are very, very good speakers

Between a Vox and Fender is really just a question of what tone you prefer: British or American? Blues tends to favor American amps, and the same can be said for country, though recently many country artists have begun using AC30s/clones and other British voiced amps. Post rock seems to be a pretty fair trade between the two, with most multi-guitar bands using both an American and British amp to get contrasting tones.
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if you can try the deville, here is a trick to try to make it sound good.

engage the treble boost button and dime or almost dime the mids and bass.

drive1 is more vintagey, and drive 2 is more trebley

the drive will sound better with an od pedal

of course the ac30 or twin should sound better
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