I'm going to be buying a JCA50H sometime in the near future, but I have no idea what speakers to get for it. I know the JCA is a middy amp and with the stock tubes it's a little bright, but I plan on swapping the tubes as soon as possible. I'm wanting to load a homemade 2x12 cab.

I'm interested in Eminence above Celestion, partly because they're cheaper and made about 2 hours away from me haha. Any recommendations? I'm thinking Cannabis Rex's or Swamp Thangs. Or maybe one of each.
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Soldano likes the Legend with all of his amps. I think the 1218 model in particular but I'm not entirely sure. Man O War and Wizard are also cool.
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I have a Mesa 4x12 and an open back Orange 2x12 both with V30s. The 50 sounds pretty good through those, although I've had the chance to play my 50 through a Krank 4x12 with Legends and I liked it a lot better than the V30s.

I got some TAD tubes in mine and they're great. More clarity than the stock tubes.
Soldano uses Eminence Legend V12 speakers, which sound killer with his amps.
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