This is a weekly post , one of many I'm about to start , Your feedback will determine whether i continue with this post or not , it's your story after all ...

Many suggested a weekly thread about the story of UGers , those hidden player just waiting for the world to hear their voices ( or playing skills ... )

So , if you want to post your story , send it to me and your story will be on the next player biography thread of the week ...

I was planning to share something that happened with me , you know , to push you guys to participate in this , but , I'm as boring as a geek teaching the Fibonacci sequence !

So , who's up for some sharing !

( next on " The Acoustic Side " : Jimmy page and Eric Clapton Unplugged ! )
PS : English is not my first language
Hey....I will give it a go if there are no other takers....when do i have to turn a bio?...would it be ok if i included an original song??
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we did this for a while. it didn't keep things going for long, but i, for one, am always happy to learn more about our fellow players.
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ApatheticMe : what are you waiting for !, just send your bio (as a message to me), and it will be posted in this thread unedited . you can include anything you find useful or meaningful for the story

hopefully , you will give others the 'push' they need to start doing things in this forum !
PS : English is not my first language
god dammit....now i have to go and record the song i had in mind....ok give me a bit......argh.....(fake rage)!!!!!!!!
I haz gotten gud