Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me16rEGJryk

Hey guys, so I have my used ibanez grg170dx that I'm interested in selling, as well as a brand new IBZ10G that is in perfect condition. I'm trying to sell both together for $250 shipped. The ibanez functions perfectly, the only thing wrong with it is a small dent on the back, this doesn't effect the functionality but it does effect the cosmetic value I guess so I'm lowering the price.

The guitar sells brand new for $250, I'm selling it used for $150, thats an instant $100 off simply because someone else has played it and because of a small dent. The amp I'm selling for $40-$50. It will be at least an additional $50 for shipping, so I think a total price of $250 shipped is pretty fair.

This is a perfect guitar for a beginner who is looking to be able to play with a great guitar right away, or maybe a beginner who is becoming better and wants a guitar that will deliver much better performance/sound than a cheaper beginner guitar. By no means at all is this a beginner guitar though, it is definitely an intermediate guitar and is very easy to play. I can't think of a better package/deal for someone who wants to learn to play easily or wants an amazing guitar for the price.

Also, I have a starpower nady SP1 microphone that is brand new, I barely used it and it's in mint condition. I have a FAB metal pedal also that is brand new too, and will sell these optionally.

PM me if interested.

Whats included:

ibanez grg170dx
ibz10g amplifier
2 cables (I believe they're at least 10 feet)

$250 shipped


starpower nady sp-1 microphone w/ microphone adapter (mint condition)
metal FAB pedal (mint condition)

add $30 to above, total of $280