I haven't listened to this in GP5; it probably sounds like shit, but there's an mp3 version here for that purpose. For anyone who actually remembers me, there are a few of my older songs up there too, updated into GP6. I intend to actually record most of them at some point soon.

Anyway, onto the actual song.

This is fully intended to be listened to in GP6 or mp3. I only included the GP5 so people who don't have GP6 can see how it's actually written. I wrote this all the other night when I couldn't sleep. I really have no idea how to classify it, but I guess it's got a lot of post-hardcore in it. It's a bit less chordy and complex than most of the other stuff I've written recently, but I think it has a pretty natural flow to it that I like. I really like this piece, and I hope to make a few more in a similar style and actually release something at some point in the near future. I'm working on lyrics right now for this, and hopefully I'll be able to record some vocals for this, along with actually recording the guitar parts some time soon.

Alright. Well. Enjoy.

I just want to sleep forever.

Overall that was awesome. It was very ethereal, not so much atmospheric, but very open and flowing. The build up in the beginning was very cool. Around the 3:40 mark the rhythm starts to overstay it's welcome, really bordering on being irritating, vocals may help with that. And again ~5:45 that same rhythm gets annoying. Overall though it was very good, the synth was especially cool.

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