Hello everyone, I'm studying audio/music production at Ohio University, but I'm still fairly new to recording and mixing. This is going to be the intro track for a metal album I'm writing and recording, and I'd like to get some different opinions on the mix/how to make it better.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEwbWMaWrFI (the picture used here is temporary; it wont be the actual album cover)

Also, post links to your recordings and I'll be happy to provide as much feedback as I can!
Write the music you want to hear.
Not a bad mix.

The kick has a bit of an annoying 'clink' and lacks punch. I can hear the sub in the kick pretty well, but it's all muddied up with the guitars. The drums overall need a lot of humanization, especially the snare. The toms could use some more attack and maybe a little less sustain (when they ring out as long as they do it muddies everything up; more on that below). The snare is pretty thin.

The rhythm uitars sound a bit dull which might be what's causing the whole mix to sound a bit muddy (at least to my ears). A little presence could go a long where, I think. The leads sounds excellent.

Doesn't sound like there's bass guitar on this one which is a shame because I think it would go a long way in keeping the low end taken care of so you could focus on clarity in the other instruments!

Vocals can probably come up a db or two, mainly the highs.

Overall, you did a nice job; a few little things and I think it could be a whole lot better!

You can check out of on my personal songs hurr: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1479421

Okay cool, thanks for the feedback! Yea, I noticed that about the low end too. It's weird how not listening to a mix for a day or two will give a completely different perspective on it haha. I'll check out your song now, yo!
Write the music you want to hear.