Just picked up my first keyboard today. I know the basics(which notes are where, reading notation...) But I have no clue what to play. My ears aren't trained as well as yours I'm sure , so some of the time I can't tell if there is a piano in a song or not. (it all kind of sound blended together) I want to play some rock or jazz or something close to that. Any recommendations of some well known songs that would have sheet music online? Beginner songs too I might add.

Unless there is a secret piano forum on this site, i guess this goes here

Weighted keys?
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Quote by fluffymuffins
Unless there is a secret piano forum on this site, i guess this goes here

not yet, unfortunately.

i recommend Mithotyn - The Old Rover. they're not really well known (shame really, cause they were a great band), but it's a very cool song and the piano bit is very easy. there is a GP tab on UG. it's accurate, though it seems to be in Am instead of Dm.
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