You got the notes right, so that's good...
A bit boring to hear it over and over again without any background music... on a poor acoustic.
Never be embarrassed about your chops, otherwise you will find it harder and harder to want to practice. Nobody picks up the guitar and is instantly a master at it or everyone and there dog would play! Just keep practicing away and before you know it you will be playing the song blind folded with the guitar behind your back!
Its the only guitar I have right now lol. I want an electric cause it would sound better on there.. I might go to guitar universe tonight.. Also I have all kinda things going through my head like if the song isnt playing on the radio I have a fear I wont remember the words to the whole song in the correct order and verses and such and what if I got in a band and started playing the wrong verse at the wrong time.
it wouldn't matter at all if you started with a wrong verse, as long as you play a verse which is actually part of the song. no one's even gonna notice.
Is there anyone in a band who can't play right unless another guitar is playing?