Anyone else use them? I just got a few the other day and they're awesome! No more dunlop for me! They're nearly impossible to drop and they feel so smooth when I'm picking. They're all made by hand and it definitely shows! They look and feel fantastic! They're a little steep in price for picks, but they're well worth it! I highly recommend them!

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You deserve some form of awesome reward, but I'm to lazy. Imagine the rest of these:

You're not really thanking them, more like advertising....
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Shameless plug of a meh product. I am not gunna pay $5 for ONE acrylic pick that's just pointless I got burned for $3 on a DAVA pick that I hated, of course it to claimed to be a super pick of ungodly tone, but it was just a steaming log of turd. I will stick to the $4 player packs for .88 Tortex sharps thanks.
Tbh gravity picks appreciation should go in a V-picks appreciation thread.
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