Just a simple one here, i want to start collecting unusual/unknown guitars. The type i am talking about are what you'd imagine if i said 'pawn shop' guitars.

However i am REALLY struggling finding any, i'm not a fan of buying online so i took to the streets of London the other day and couldn't find a single guitar.

I'm not looking to spend alot either, i just love old and strange guitars, even if they are rubbish quality that's fine (but obviously i'd expect the price to be low to reflect that).

Can anyone give me tips? Or perhaps direct me to certain places/markets in London?

Thank you
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invest in a time machine and go back to the days before jack white, ebay and the internet. dude every pawn shop going has the internet and looks everything up on ebay. many post them there as well and never even put them in the shops. you can't even find any of these "pawn shop prizes" at garage sales or flea markets anymore. good luck but be prepared to be disappointed
yeah unfortunately the days of finding gems is long LONG gone. The only hope is the old weird thrift shops run by churches and whatnot but even those usually have someone doing internet searches. Yard sales are the best bet to find anything these days.
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there is no shortage of old, bizarre and rubbish guitars on ebay.

basically in a lot of cases ebay killed the pawn shops.

now you too can have a harmony from the 70's for less than $150.
Pawn are dead for everything but guns and jewelry. You'll be much better off hitting up ebay or craigslist, and maybe you'll get lucky at garage sales.
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When someone says pawn shop guitar, I think Korean junk and Squiers. Good luck.
You aren't going to score in big city pawn shops. The dealers know what they're doing and pull anything good to sell online, to vintage guitar shops, or for collectors with deep pockets who pay extra to just get what they want with no hassle. If you want pawn shop deals you need to constantly scout out stores in the boondocks.