Haha thanks, and yes i wrote this, the lyrics were about 3 months ago and the guitar last night
This is good! The guitar was nice, good buildup to go with the vocals. Great vocals I might add, everything from the soft beginning to the crying out near the end. I like the tone of your voice.

If I had to crit something, it would be the beginning (0:22), your vocal was off (or at least, sounded funny). Personally, I find it useful, throughout intros, to just quietly hum a melody (and cut it out of the recording). That gives a kind of reference point for the vocal, so when I start singing, I'm already in tune straight away, instead of missing the first note trying to get in tune.

But once you got going, it was pleasant to listen to. Well done!
Oh my, i have never thought of that humming idea haha thats brilliant, i shall try it, and thank you!
what's on the tv bro? just kidding man. The dynamics are great and i enjoyed the lyrics as well. I guess my only real criticism would be to go where it's quiet. The vocals are a little too loud in the mix i think and dry. this song would be awesome with a string section

I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
haha well actually, it was Always Sunny and yes i have no idea why the vocals are so loud but thanks, ill checks yours after parks and rec lol