Hi all,

Interested in getting peoples ideas on warming up. I get really bored with all the normal warmup stuff so interested to find out what others do to add some variety.

Usually do some of Joe Satriani's warm-ups (can be found on youtube), then move into Stairway to heaven. sounds cliche, but it's a good way to get finger-picking, strumming, and solo work in all in one song. Then maybe do A Night In Tunisia or the Chris Kitchen version of Over the Rainbow to reinforce finger picking, and do either Since I've Been Loving You or Little Wing/Castles Made of Sand to reinforce solo work.
Generally my left hand doesn't need any warm ups. My picking hand does. I tend to play extremely quick bursts of triplets, then gradually leave less time between each burst until I'm warmed up enough to keep it up.
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Chromatic Exercise
Something Slow (E.G: The Unforgiven by Metallica)
Something Fast (E.G: Holy Wars by Megadeth)
Some random shredding ( Not chromatic shredding. lol)

That's what I do.
I mainly just loosen up. I bobble around the neck with my left hand, and stretch out my fingers a little, then do some arpeggiated picking, which gets my picking hand going, and gets my other hand moving between chords, and then I'll just play around for a bit.

I'll also often listen to some thing in the vein of what I am about to practice to get me in the right mood.
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