I have some questions about emg pickups.
-Where can i buy a push pull coil tap volume button that is solderless?(i know i will need a emg 89 for this).
-Is there any way to coil tap the neck pickup? Do i need 2 emg 89 for this?
-what is the main differences in tone and sound between the emg 81 and emg 89???

this ought to answer many of your questions

-the emgs come with the connections and pots you need
-you can also gt teh 81tw which i think would sound better in the bridge and the 89 in the neck but you can use two 89 or an 89r

-the 81tw has the 81 preamp and i think the sa coil in there(so it basicall has two pick ups in there)
the 89 is more like the 85 pick up from emg with the S single col also in there

hope i answered all your questions
^that, but the S is in the 81TW, SA is in the 89.

EMG's cannot be coil tapped, or wired in any non-conventional way. Just have a browse on the EMG website, they give descriptions and sound samples of each of their pickups.

I agree that an 81TW (B) / 89 (N) is most likely what you're going to want.
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