Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there was any sort of guide on modifying an actual pickup, instead of simply switching it out. Due to budget issues I've forced myself to put a squier humbucker in my fender strat. I understand the basic premise of a pickup: coils, screws etc. However is there any way in which I could fatten up the tone without taking it out? I don't really appreciate the shrill quality of it's tone, but I'm too poor to buy another pickup.

Basically, I'm a very simple player, who likes to get the tone of a guitar straight from a cranked amp.

Is there anyway to fatten/modify the tone of a cheap pickup without buying new pedals?
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easier just to buy a new pickup,

get a Tonerider humbucker, they are great for the price, you can get a new one for under £40, or even better buy a secondhand one from ebay
If the bobbins of the pickups are plastic you can take it apart (being extremely careful not to break the wires!!!!!) pull off the ceramic magnet and replace it with either an alnico bar magnet or replace each pole piece with a alnico rod magnet. There's more to it than that though, such as making sure the magnets are polarized correctly.