Hi Im a Home Recorder doing everything my self. Im using Guitar pro 6 as a drum machine and I have separated each drum and have them on there own track ( kick, snair, toms, high hat, and cymbals ) im looking for the best way to eq each. are there optimal ranges for each? also Im planing on paning them in the mixdown as well, are there better ways then others to place these sounds on on the pan range? im posting the same in recording thread but asking more about guitar patches and whole mix eq. I post this asking specifically for the drum eq for each drum. Thanks Josh
usually snare and kick are in the middle or panned slightly off to one or either side.
Cymbal are usually panned to either side as a stereo track. As for toms, that's up to you, I've seen/heard toms being panned from left to right in order or high tom to floor tom or floor tom to high tom.
This might help too:
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