Hey there, I'm fairly new to writing/composing songs, I've been playing guitar for 3 years now and I'm wondering if any of you can give me your thoughts on one of my most recent pieces named Lost(Random name haha):

-I love the ambient feel of the song, especially in the beginning.
-Nice clean guitar solo.
-I love the transition from the intro to the epic distorted guitar solo, it came just as I was getting bored of the intro (perfect timing for the transition, definitely adds interest to the song).
-I love the different parts of the song, how it builds up to a little climax.
-I love your phrasing and your playing.
-The audio quality of the song is pretty good, nice guitar tones
-The snare drum bothers me a little though, it sounds too fake.

Overall, I love your little song, it sounds really good, keep it up!

Just click on the link in my sig, and click on any video you like.
Thanks for taking the time to comment!
I checked out your videos, They are great(even favorited one),
Subscribed to you.
Anyways, Thanks man!
that was super cool! you never really know what to expect to hear on this forum but i was pleased to hear a good quality intersting recording i love the distorted rhythm guitar tone you have going there and super skills on the ol g-tar too my friend

a reply would be massively appreciated (: