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Go to bed now and be rested to study tomorrow
9 33%
Get a lot of work done tonight, but be in bed by 1
13 48%
Pull and all nighter and finish everything tonight
5 19%
Voters: 27.
I have a calculus test in a few days, and I want to do really well in it. I have time to go through all the exercises I need to before the test, but I want to get it all done asap. I cant decide how long to work for tonight.
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Get off UG?
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No work, just fap

All work and no fapping, makes GoldfishMoon something, something...
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Get off UG?

Been doing calculus for the last 3 hours, came on specifically to ask this question.
Remember, the test is in like, three days, any tiredness will have worn off by then, so dont worry about that.
Get a bottle of whisky and a hooker, let us know how it worked out.
Stay up all night, doing everything but what you supposed to do.
I like that
Do you care if you pass?

I like the whiskey/hooker idea.

Wrap up, kid.
If you know the methods and stuff its just a question of going through the motions when doing problems. Input needs a well enough rested mind. Output not so much (if you know your stuff). Finish the exercises then have free time before the test.