Just wondering how do you guys choose what key to write in?

Lately ive been finding that im writing in loads of different keys which is great as it helps me know the fret board inside out and i feel that writing in a different key for almost every song gives each song a slightly different kinda sound.

So do you guys go with the easiest keys to write in for example G/C/Em/Am or do you have other methods of choosing?
All keys are easy to write in, if you know the notes involved. I don't see how you can have an easiest key :p
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All keys are easy to write in, if you know the notes involved. I don't see how you can have an easiest key :p

well i geuss the easiest keys would be

1. The ones you have played the most in. Thats probably gonna be e minor or a minor for most guitarists, especially if you like metallica and acdc lol

2. The ones that allow use of all open strings. E minor and A minor again assuming your in standard tuning
I tend to write on an acoustic, and play all open chords. Once I've got the basic song sussed, I'll transpose it into a key that sounds good, that's basically it.

Obviously, if you have songs that are always in the same key and use similar chords, you need to keep a good bit of variety in there when it comes to translating them into electric songs.
Learning chord progressions by their roman numerals will make playing in all 12 keys a lot easier.
i write the beginning of something and then play it in different keys to see witch i like most. then i continue writing in that key
I write by what is pleasing to my ear, so that dictates what key a piece I write is in. If it sounds good in C Major, I'll write it in C Major. If it sounds good in D# minor, then I'll write it in D# minor.

There's a bit of an attitude around that some people will look down on you for writing in easier keys. I don't buy into that crap. If it sounds good, that's what's important to me.




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I'm mostly an acoustic player, and I often use open tunings like open G, open D and DADGAD, but I usually write the song in open position, then use a capo to change key to suit my voice. It really doesnt matter to me, what key I use, as long as it sounds good.

When I write indie music on electric guitar, I tend to use simple keys, such as C/Am and G/Em, to keep a light, familiar feel to the guitar.
I write my metal stuff from riffs which I come up with off the cuff. Only later do I work out what key they're in to see if they fit together or need transposing or whatever.

For some of my non-metal stuff I do work out a key and scale in advance, usually based on what's readily playable for me, or if no guitars are involved, pretty much at random.
If theres a vocalist then you need to make sure and write in a key the vocalist can sing well, if its got a dominant instrument (lets say solo guitar) then you generally want your guitar tuned so that you can play the piece written easily. other than that if its orchestra or electronic music, its kinda whatever i dig.