I'm a beginner, and i dont know to read music notation. Is it important to learn it? It takes a lot of time. I know how to read tabulature. what are the advanages of music notation over tabulature?
It helps considerably with learning theory, constructing chords and playing other instruments. Few instruments don't need score to be played, but a large chunk do (piano, trumpet etc).

You don't have to learn it straight away but what you really should do is learn where the notes are on a treble clef and bass clef. It'll make theory a lot easier.

You also really need to understand note lengths and time signatures as a bare minimum.

Musictheory.net is a good place to start.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
In the long run it is important. It gives meaning to a lot of things that you will be doing with guitar. So now that we have established that it is important................... you don't need to learn it. Almost all of the guitar realm is based around tabs these days. It all comes down to a matter of opinion. I am not going to give you mine. I always try to experience both sides of a story and base my actions accordingly.
In general, learning something that doesn't pertain to guitar is helpful in some way. Notes are notes, and chords are chords. I play by ear, but learning how to play the piano could help you immensely in learning how chords sound. I played the trumpet, but notation didn't really help me much since I play primarily in five or six scales and by ear. It all depends on what sort of music you're playing, how well you know it, and your hand's ability to move around on the fretboard. I found series of books in Guitar Center that could help you out if you want to learn notation. They're all different colored. The black one I have is called the 'Guitar Grimoire,' and contains every possible scale in tab notation. I understand there's a similar book for chords and a few others for various other things.

EDIT: I've been told by a few people that bass is my true calling, but I couldn't stand playing it. You might have a similar mindset and enjoy the following chord progression: x,5,7,x,6,x to x,10,8,x,11,x to x,10,11,x,9,x to x,4,2,x,5,x and then x,5,7,x,6,x to x,7,5,x,8,x to x,8,7,x,10,x to x,4,2,x,5,x. My favorite, and you can do a number of things with it if your mood is sad or angry. it sounds the best in drop tuning unless you can manage to mute the x strings and move up a half-step for each note. Most of the chords even sound great with an open 'b' string, but you'd have to experiment and make it your own. AND I've hardly played the organ/keyboard/piano/brass instrument and needed to glance for a single moment at a bass cleft. For the record, and in my experience. And I have admittedly limited experience playing the clarinet, organ, and trombone. I cannot play the drums and I suck at percussion in general.
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