I’m having trouble with bending strings properly and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. I’d say 70% of the times that if I bend the B string, say bend the 9th fret to the 11th, that after I let go of the bend the D string vibrates. If I do it very slowly it won’t vibrate but if I try and do it in a fast swift motion more times than not I get the D string to vibrate as well.
It'll always happen because your bending is making you move the D string. You need to mute your D string in this case.

This video should help you in learning how to mute in such situations (and in other situations): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc

Edit: You probably got this, but the reason why it doesn't occur if you remove it slowly is you're actually prolonging your contact with the D string, dampening it as you're releasing your bend, so the D string doesn't ring out.
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Thanks for the replies, so it's really a muting issue? I guess I havent really payed attention to notice if they were muting that string or not I just figured I was doing something really wrong. Thanks again!
you should mute the D string with your picking hand...it might be a little hard at first to get used to thinking about muting it, but if you practice alot you should get it down in no time.
A great way to mute the D string is to take your pick, and push up on the D-string. That moves it further away from the G string so you can do your bend without touching it!