A friend of mine is getting a Tiny Terror for his 14th birthday but he has got to buy his own cab. He really wants the Orange cab but if the Vox cab (the ac4 one) uses the same speaker and will sound more or less the same he is happy to go with the Vox and save a £100 or so. Do these cabs use the same speaker and would it sound ok, thanks.
Not the same speaker. The Orange is a huge step up in speaker and in construction. It's a no-brainer if you can afford it.
The Orange has a better speaker. But for what it's worth, I think it sounds terrible with the Tiny Terror. It's a good cab, but the combination is pretty off-putting.
I have the ppc112, great cab. Shit all over that vox thing.

I'd reccomend swapping the v30 for something a bit warmer for the TT really though.