I haven't written or posted anything in awhile the last time I posted any lyrics here I think I was still using the name "Johnikker" anyway here it is hope you enjoy.

acutely aware of the
aquatic inadequacies of
the human anatomy
this new found footwear
performing its function flawlessly
pulling deeper towards the depths
struggling against the binding
in futile effort
expending precious oxygen
muscles burn, lungs scream
these anatomical alarms
only serve to heighten
the state of hysteria
seconds pass in agony
as life robbing liquid
waits patiently to
invade every orifice
in these final moments
composure gives way
to self-pity
the pathetic punctuation
to a poorly written existence
inundated you succumb
taking your place
in this watery grave
while the fish ponder
how you taste
why do people bother posting lyrics?
No one replies to them (ironic, yes I know) and no one but you can tell the rythm or pitches on the words.
Pointless to me
It kinda is, since a poem is probably not sung or too much about rythm.
Most lyric posts I have seen got no replies, probably because people couldn't care less.
An Idea would be to make a video of you singing the words which you could leave a link to in the thread.
I'd totally check it out then.
Haha ya but that takes equipment I don't have as I am posting from a library, plus there is some poetic value to lyrics as well.
ahem.....i will solve your little squabble with math


Your're welcome.
I haz gotten gud