Staind, Parabelle, Evans Blue, Breaking Benjamin, those kinds of bands, the singers sometimes scream the lyrics, and that's the style I'd like to learn. I've been working on the Death Metal growling vocals but those don't fit at all with this music style. Are they just exhaling?
Does everything have to have a name?
Just do your best trying to copy their styles, and if you can't; let it be.
BB probably shout while growling slightly lowering the voice (pitchwise) like the down-tuned guitars.
That's all I can help you with.
It depends on how you scream, everyone is different and uses a different technique. i use screams that come from the back of my throat for that sort of music. Hope this helps .
You should look up some things. You can damage your vocal chords if you don't do it properly. You should only be using your false vocal chords. If you're regular voice is involved at all, you will eventually damage it.